About Us

Acorn & the Oak was born when owners (and spouses) Chuck and Janessa Stoltz got the hankering to go into business together.

Chuck used to own a restaurant in Dubuque, Iowa, and Janessa used to own a flower shop in Chicago. In February 2019 they went all in and bought the old Lakeside Chalet space – a 1936 building on Highway 500 and Lacamas Park – and renovated it from the ground up.

Acorn & the Oak finally opened on Mother’s Day weekend in 2020…in the middle of a pandemic. (Timing is everything, right? Ha!) Since then the business has gone from takeout to dine-in and back again, thriving in a Covid world with a skeleton crew of dedicated and talented humans making magic despite the chaos.

Our place is a retail flower shop during the day, and a Midwest-inspired supper club by night. We’d love to have you over – or send our food, drink, and flowers safely home with you. Thanks for stopping by!


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