scratch-made supper club food,
served among the flowers.

Dinner by reservation only: 5pm to 10pm (Kitchen closes at 8:45 pm)

Artisan cheese & charcuterie, fresh salads, tasty bites and sweets, and scratch-made entrees using local, seasonal goodness. Oh, and did we mention adult beverages to wash them all down with? We pour wine and beer, and shake and stir up classic & craft cocktails — many with a floral kick.

You can drink & dine in the bar or in the flower shop. Patio seating coming soon!


Small Bites

Truffled Almonds – $7
Our take on bar nuts! Toasted almonds tossed with Spanish olive oil, thyme and black truffle salt. (vegan & gluten free)

A&O House Pickles – $10
Pickled spring veggies including beets, carrots, celery, sweet onion, asparagus, cucumber and peppers. (vegan & gluten free)

Deviled Eggs – $10
Four devilish eggs, with smoked bacon lardons, pickled herbs & light dressed greens. (vegetarian possible, gluten free)

Burrata Cheese with Garlic-Saffron Bread – $12
Fresh french bread, infused with garlic and saffron butter and served hot from the oven alongside a baseball-sized ball of fresh Burrata cheese. (vegetarian)

Smoked Salmon & Avocado Toast – $12
Salmon rillettes made from house smoked wild king salmon, avocado and arugula on two toasted baguettes.

Roasted Asparagus & Heirloom Carrots – $14
Crisp Pacific Northwest asparagus marinated then roasted with heirloom rainbow carrots. Topped with a romesco sauce. (vegan, gluten free, romesco sauce contains walnuts)

Pulled Pork Sliders – $14
Three tasty braised Carlton Farms pulled pork sliders with tangy slaw served on sweet Hawaiian rolls.

Cheese Plate – $18
Two chef-selected cheeses with crostini, nuts & fruit. (vegetarian)

Charcuterie Board – $20
Jamon Serrano, mushroom pate, pickled veggies & crostini. (vegetarian possible, mushroom pate contains walnuts)

Cheese & Charcuterie Platter – $25
A larger, delectable combination of the cheese plate & charcuterie board.

Spring Greens Salad – $13
Fresh mixed greens, radishes, shaved fennel, carrot, shallot, toasted almonds dressed with a sherry vinaigrette. (vegan, gluten free)


Chef David’s Hearty Bolognese – $24
Hefty portion of handmade pasta, served covered in a bolognese sauce. The traditional recipe includes beef and pork, or you can order it vegetarian for an earthy mushroom bolognese.

Grilled Wild Sockeye Salmon – $31
Grilled wild sockeye salmon served with summer succotash & a sherry-cherry chutney. (gluten free)

Chef David’s Choice – $need to know basis
An entree special that changes weekly – ask your server!


Boozy Sorbet or Slow Churned, Boozy Ice Cream – $11
Ask for the flavor of the day.


The Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster – $12
Vodka Sour. Topped with aquafaba froth (the chickpea-based, vegan answer to frothy egg whites) and a dash of bitters. Per “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, its effect are similar to “having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick.”

Smoky Mezcal Margarita – $12
This smoky Mezcal-based margarita is house-made with fresh-squeezed lemon, lime and orange juice, orange liqueur and maple syrup. Muddled and garnished with cilantro and jalapeno.

Jobu’s Punch – $10
Light and Dark rums mixed with pineapple, orange and lime juices. A poolside vacation in a glass.

Not Your Father’s Old Fashioned – $12
A classic Bourbon cocktail, brightened up for the season! The rich notes of caramel, vanilla and brown sugar in Maker’s Mark balance perfectly against bright citrus from fresh-squeezed orange and grapefruit juice, while an incredible thyme simple syrup brings all the flavors together.

Bee’s Knees – $12
Classic and Simple. Gin, Honey simple syrup and fresh squeezed lemon juice. The name really says it all.

Right on Top of That, Rose! – $12
Our version of a gin gimlet, but with the floral notes of Rose. Chilled to perfection.

Spanish Sangria – $12
Chuck’s house-made sangria is a simple, yet potent, blend of Spanish Red Wine, fresh squeezed orange juice, and brandy, sweetened lightly with maple syrup.